Tuesday - December 20, 2005
Weather Maker Pro 4 - Officailly Released!!
Calibre Software Solutions is proud to announce the release of Weather Maker Pro 4.

Weather Maker Pro 4 is the most revolutionary weather engine offering more than one way to generate weather in Flight Simulator 2004. New to Weather Maker Pro 4 is our new Enhanced Dynamic Weather Simulator. With EDWS you can now experience more realistic turbulence, geographic thermals, severe icing, better visibility handling and the sound of hail hitting your windshield.

Weather Maker Pro 4 and the EDWS system now alerts you while in flight or on the tarmac of approaching severe weather by issuing AIRMETS and SIGMETS.

For those who miss the ability to truly generate custom weather as in the days of FU3, now you can with our Random Weather Generator tool.

Also with our new Cloud Optimization Parameter, Weather Maker Pro 4 will create more volumetric clouds for the correct weather situation. No need to upload textures!!

You can purchase the full version of Weather Maker Pro 4 for $24.95 at: www.weather-maker.com

****This is a FREE upgrade to previous users of Weather Maker Pro Versions 1, 2, 3.****
For more information contact us  here!